About us


The Little Diner is all about organic produce sourced locally.  Passionate about great tasting food!  Best organic Aberdeen Angus Steak burgers & hot dogs  #streetfood 

The beef burgers are 100% organic grass fed free range Aberdeen Angus Beef. Sourced from organic farms which where possible are as local to me as possible! 


The drinks supplied are Fair trade meaning they give back to people in countries which are in poverty.

The Organic Hot Dogs we use are Helen Brownings and her speedy sausages for breakfast! We went to visit her farm and observe her Organic Farming practices! 

When visiting events throughout the UK we felt this market wasn't catered for enough. We wanted to provide the option to eat a high quality food that came from a trusted good source. 

I also wanted to offer alternative food choices my mum whose been an inspiration with Organic bringing us up with a veg patch and introducing me to Organic food at early age is also Vegetarian.

So I offer Quorn Hotdogs served with Sauerkraut or Onions. 

I offer a Vegan Burger which is Quinoa & Vegetables served with salad, onions & Sauerkraut. 

Seasonal Veggie Burgers and can offer Beetroot Buns! This was our Flower Burger!